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Our Achievements
Restaurant Week Lusaka
Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka’s restaurant Chuma Grill got voted in the top 20 restaurants in Lusaka in May during Restaurant Week.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka’s restaurant Chuma Grill got voted in the top 20 restaurants during Restaurant Week Lusaka.

Restaurant Week Lusaka took place in May and aims at getting more people into restaurants, trying out new things and places they haven’t been to. Restaurants were challenged to put their best menu forward so that the people dining out could experience something new. And that is exactly what the team of Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka’s Chuma Grill Restaurant has done and for which they also got a place in the top 20 restaurants in Lusaka, selected by the team of Restaurant Week Lusaka. 

"What they have done with their food menu needs a round of applause from all Zambians. The chefs at the Chuma Grill blend their menu with a fantastic African fusion food experience and international cuisine specialities”, stated Restaurant Week Lusaka Magazine

Inspired by offering international guests the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, the hotel’s Africa Fusion menu took Lusaka by storm. The menu offers guests a range of local dishes including Caterpillars & Kapenta - a truly Zambian experience. However, for those who would be a little nervous to try something different the menu also has a range of international dishes. The drinks menu boasts the largest whisky list in Lusaka and will soon also have the largest wine list.

The restaurant is quickly becoming Lusaka's favorite weekend spot with Friday Braai buffets (with live music), Sunday Roast Buffets with a live cooking station (& live music) as well as Lusaka's favourite weekend breakfast spot.

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Written by

Lauren Watson
Marketing Consultant
06 Jun 2019


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